Big Caps still moving after 3 Months

Howard Lindzon made a blog post yesterday titled “New Highs are THICK and BIG BIG BIG CAPS in nature”

He goes on to write that companies such as American Express, Banc of America, McDonalds, Harley Davidson, International Game Technology, American Eagle, Autozone, Allstate, Nike, & Verizon are all looking good on the charts (possible breakout heaven).

I agree and have been writing about large caps making a move since July with my first major post highlighting McDonalds and the chart of the S&P 100 Index/S&P 600 Small Cap Index. TraderMike brought this chart to my attention earlier in the summer from his own blog post.

Here are the links to my original posts highlighting the gaining strength among BIG CAP stocks:

July 18, 2006
Large Caps Gaining Strength
“The chart associated with this post is telling us that Large Caps are gaining strength versus Small Caps. Time will tell but yesterday could have been the first round of confirmation.”

July 17, 2006
MSW Market Overview
” tend to rely on the NASDAQ more so than the DOW but it is interesting to see that large caps are gaining some steam while small caps are getting trounced.”

July 21, 2006
Ten Stocks to Watch
“The S&P 100 Index/S&P 600 Small Cap Index that I track is up over 6% this week for its largest gain in years, confirming that large caps are moving to the head of the class.”


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