I’ve Been Tagged

I’ve been tagged by my friends Kimber and Erin over at No Limits Ladies. Before I start, I must ask: Am I so serious that tagging may not be appropriate for me or this blog? I need to tone it down, loosen up and have some more fun if that is how I am viewed – just kidding ladies.

So here goes:

My Five Obsessions?
1. My Wife, Family & Friends
2. My Dog Bob! (now that’s a good looking dog)
3. The Stock Market
4. Blogging
5. Football and Baseball (watching and/or playing)


Five Reasons why I Blog?
1. It’s fun
2. I love to talk (write in this case)
3. Meeting new people (all over the world)
4. Educational: I learn from others and they learn from me!
5. It acts as a public journal (somewhat) for my research and trades.

I’ll tag a few people if Interested:


  1. Yay Chris!! You rock!

  2. Hey Chris! I would totally hit ya up with a return I love blogging post, but I did one pretty darn similar in April of 5 things about me or something!

    Btw, is that your dog in the picture?

  3. is being tagged a blogosphere rite of passage? it’s my first time being tagged so I guess I’m a late bloomer. I’ll give it a go but there must be more interesting questions!??

  4. Blain, Yes that is my dog, 2 yrs old and my wife named him Bob

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