My Pictures

The pictures below are of me, my wife, my dog, my family and my friends. The photos range in age from 5 years ago to a few months ago.


  1. John Kulinski says:

    Thanks for sharing your lovely wedding, dog (I have 2 terriers), friends, and honeymoon in Hawaii (been there several times with my wife n daughter). In this impersonal age, I’m surprised in your forthcoming with your personal life, but I’m glad you did because it puts a living face on the Piranha – thanks again for your running your stock etc. commentaries, I really enjoy learning from you. Best Wishes, John

  2. saeed aldajani says:

    hi chris.
    i am saeed aldajani… guess from where?… saudi arabia-riyadh….i am one of regular reader of your blog….really i enjoyed reading your subjects… i trade US stocks for 7 years now.. forex 5 years… really i imagines you as 50-60 years expert,but really i was really suprised that you are so young to accumulate this good knowledge about market” touch wood” :)))

    good luck, happy days,peacefull mind, and best wishes.
    saeed aldajani-riyadh.

  3. Saeed,
    Thank you for reading and enjoying the blog. I started studying the market with my father in high school so I got an early start. However, I have never traded the Forex market.

    Good luck and I wish you the best!

  4. Thanks for your knowledge sharing.

    I am a big fan of YGE , own a fair bit and am holding. I expect 100 or more out of it by end of year.

    Friendly looking dog. I used to have a golden lab that looked alot like your doggie.

    I will be taking a close look at MEDIHONEY.


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