Daily Screen for Monday 12-3-07

Trading Watchlist: Monday, December 3, 2007

  • All stocks covered in today’s watchlist were up in price and volume at the closing bell on Friday.
  • The majority of stocks screened showed volume increase by more than 50% of the daily average.
  • Some stocks can and may show up more than once as they made multiple screens.
  • Take particular note of these stocks as they are most likely the ones to make the greatest gains over the next several weeks, if not months.


How I develop and use this Daily Watchlist:

Interesting Stocks Making New Highs:
MTL – 90.98, MORN – 81.35, RHB – 23.24, TTES – 50.41, BLKB – 28.46

Stocks Moving Higher (within 15% of New Highs):
LCAPA – 119.06, EDU – 80.07, GFA – 37.00, MTW – 43.85, CI – 53.61, EDA – 14.75, KBR – 39.82, UST – 57.90, ABT – 57.51, IBKR – 29.40

Stocks Moving Higher with Increasing Fund Sponsorship:
MTL – 90.98, EDU – 80.07, PCLN – 113.80, MA – 200.65, CF – 90.98, BIDU – 381.96, CTRP – 60.11, FCSX – 42.21, MR – 40.50

Stock of Note for Today’s Screen:
Mastercard (MA)



Below is some of the coverage of MA on the blog (beginning on 4/2/07 at $107.28)

  • Is Mastercard Priceless

    Monday’s Intra-day Price: MA – $107.28
    Bottom Line: MA is rated a buy in my book and I am grabbing shares today.
    *This blog post is not a recommendation to buy this or any other stock. Please do your own due diligence and buy and sell at your own risk!

    4/2/07: “Longer term trend investors can establish a position now at the 50-d moving average or at least start to initiate a position by accumulating shares. Look for a confirmation on a move to the up-side above the trading range I have highlighted in blue on the weekly chart.”

  • Mastercard Pays Off
  • Cash Back from Mastercard and Baidu
  • Daily Screen for Wednesday 9-12-07
  • (MA) – 132.17, Mastercard is correcting and touching the 200-d m.a. for the first time since the line formed. As one of my big winners this year in my own portfolio, I still consider it a watch if it can hold the long term moving average support. Please note that I took down my position in July at precisely the correct point as noted here: Taking Partial Profits

*NOTE: Please do your own due diligence and buy at the proper risk/reward setups (AT YOUR OWN RISK). Don’t buy blindly and never treat this watchlist or my screens as a recommendation to buy or sell securities.


  1. Great list Chris, lots of ideas.

    I just shorted RIMM from around 110, down to 100. Its hitting a lot of support now though so I covered. Fun little trade.

    Slowly getting back into the markets….


  1. […] first started noticing GFA on my daily screens on December 3, 2008 at $37 and then profiled it again a week later on December 10, 2008. GFA – 40.50, a spread triple top […]

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