NewsFlashr is Great

I wanted to point out that I highly recommend Newsflashr; more specifically, their business blogs page which displays the latest postings by many of the best blogs on the web. I visit the site on a daily basis to see who’s writing what about the market, people’s latest research or even more stock links. Everything is updated in one place and it is readily available anywhere I search the web. I understand that other RSS tools exist to monitor all your favorite blogs but there is something about Newsflashr that keeps me coming back.

I promise you that I am not plugging their website for any reason other than I use it myself. I am not getting anything in return to plug the site (that’s not my style). Take a look and perform your own opinion (let me know what you think).

newsflashr network

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  1. Agreed, its all about organization

  2. Scott Snu says

    Very good site

  3. John Egan says

    Newsflashr isn’t really functional till it develops a search function and a ‘favorites’ list..

    Thx jegan 😉

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