Marley and Me

My wife and I went to see the movie, Marley and Me, last night and loved it. What a tear jerker. One scene got me good because it reminded me of my childhood lab, Sunshine, and my current lab, Bob. We highly recommend dog lovers, animal lovers and everyone else that is looking for a feel good movie to check it out.

We read the book a few years ago after it was released and I remember my wife couldn’t finish the last chapter, she avoided it for months and for good reason (the movie does a great job with this aspect of the book). Excellent book – good movie. Below is a picture galley of my Marley: Bob.

Marley and Me Movie
John Grogan Blog

Pictures of my wonderful lab, Bob:


















  1. Chris,

    you have a wonderful dog! Who’s taking care of him while you are away on vacations?

  2. Dima,
    He stays at my sister’s house and her dog stays at our house when they go away. Perfect setup (as long as we don’t go away at the same time).

  3. Hi Chris,

    Indeed a very nice dog. 😉 I listened to an interview and really liked your style of trading man. I’m also primary focused on price (and volume)(cfr weinstein, brian shannon way) but i’m still looking to find a way to filter out my trading candidates. The canslim method works really well, but only in those true bull markets. I’m still looking, searching, grasping every educational material i can get to evolve and grow.

    I wish you Chris and all the guys on the blog a happy new year and i’m planning to check your site more now 😉


  4. thalia vassil says:

    Dear Chris
    Writing from Greece. Hope the new year brings all the best to all of us.
    Thank you so so much for all your blogs.
    Best Wishes
    Thalia and John

  5. Happy New Year to all! I am looking forward to trading and blogging in 2009.

    p.s. – I love the international presence on my blog!

  6. you must have loved Marley and Me

  7. Dave in Philly says:

    Parts of the movie (in West Chester, Pa) were filmed a few blocks away. We know the people who rented out their house for a month to have the movie filmed in it. Their dog (a sheltie) sometimes wanders over to our house. We have a sheltie, a wheaton terrier and a pomeranian.

    We got to watch the scene being filmed when they visited the dog’s grave site and they were walking down the front yard. Must have done like 5 takes to get it right.

  8. Wow Chris! I only just saw ‘Marley’ tonight and the house in PA caught my eye completely. I’ve been trying to find any sort of links to the house online. You see, I have hopes of opening my own Inn/B&B someday and the house filmed in West Chester is something I’d like very much to see the layout of. In my own way I’m sort of collecting ideas from different houses/buildings I’ve seen over the years. This was one of them. Do you have any connection to the people that lived there during filming? I’m not looking to buy out their house or anything, mainly just hoping to find pictures of it for reference to my Inn later on.

  9. wow! looks like marley…

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