Stocks to Watch: April 3, 2011

This post contains weekly charts of several interesting stocks that I am following personally and on twitter (disclosure: I own shares in more than one). Each of the following stocks have been trending higher on above average volume.

$LOGM – 46.08
$MOBI – 12.85
$NXPI – 30.59
$SODA – 46.80
$SVN – 21.83
$MMYT – 30.99

Let’s see if the $DJIA and $COMPQ will cooperate by maintaining the up-trend. Both are showing some signs of exhausting but we’ll trade what the charts are doing, not what we think they may or should be doing.


  1. Hi Chris:
    When looking at the Hi-Lo 10 dayMA to confirm a downtrend are you looking for a drop below zero on both the Nasdaq/NYSE Hi-Lo or either one?

  2. John,

    It’s best if both go below 0 but one will signal a red flag. Once below 0, they have to stay there to signal a confirmation trend change.

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