Sky-mobi MOBI is on Fire

Sky-mobi Ltd., $MOBI, has my most covered stock on twitter over the past month with 14 total posts, including today’s tweet. I first highlighted the stock on March 24, 2011 at $11.52 as it blasted up 21% on volume 495% larger than the average.

What did I recommend? ACCUMULATE!

I also complained that stocks like $MOBI don’t make the IBD 50 list quick enough. Well, the stock is now up 80% since I started to track it using IBD’s research tools and more than 100% since the actual run to new highs started. The overall run from the initial breakout after the IPO now has the stock up 300%.

Young stocks making new highs on HUGE volume (with low float) will typically always make AMAZING runs in a short period of time. Jump on them and enjoy the ride. Stop out if they reverse – keep it simple.

I talk about placing a stop to lock in minimum gains back on 4/15 – I still recommend a trailing stop, no less than the $15-$16 range to allow for normal pullbacks. I also talked about locking in gains overall after the 60% gain and I don’t have a problem with that advice, even at 80% plus gains now. The stock has powerful supporters taking it to new highs every week. I don’t have a problem with traders taking positions on low volume pullbacks.

Take a look at the charts and my tweets on $MOBI:

  • 4/27: $MOBI – 20.21, now up nearly 80% in 1 month. My most heavily covered stock on twitter since 3/23 – what a beauty!
  • 4/22: $MOBI – 16.81, up today but I alerted holders to take profits when it crossed $18 Tuesday morning, was a 60% gain from 3/23 coverage
  • 4/19: @StockTwits @DynamicHedge You missed $MOBI up 60% in less than 4 weeks.
  • 4/19: @timothysykes we both nailed $MOBI – nice job. Watch it make IBD’s list now, after the 50% run-up
  • 4/19: $MOBI – 17.94, lock in gains now. Up nearly 60% from $11.52 in March.
  • 4/18: $MOBI up over $17, nearly a 50% gain in 3 weeks from $11.52 coverage
  • 4/15: $MOBI is en fuego, up 35% at $15.60 from $11.52 twitter coverage. Place stop to lock in min 20-25% gain.
  • 4/14: $MOBI – 14.60, up 12.22% on volume 57% larger than ave | covered 3/23 at 11.52, +27% in 3 weeks :
  • 4/04: $MOBI higher again today, float is small at 7MM shares. It’s now beyond ideal risk/reward buy point. Up 15% from my coverage 2 wks back
  • 4/04: 5 Stocks to Watch this week: $LOGM – 46.08, $SODA – 46.80, $MMYT – 30.99, $SVN – 21.83, $MOBI – 12.85
  • 4/03: 5 Newbies to IBD 50: $TIBX, $MELI, $ENDP, $VPHM, $PRGO; not bad but they need to get quicker (earlier) with stocks like $MOBI
  • 3/28: @timothysykes This might be the 1st time we are tracking & trading the same stock, $MOBI (I am not a penny guy)
  • 3/24: Grabbing shares on any $MOBI pullback to $10 range on lighter volume. Outstanding shares tight w/ above ave volume support $$
  • 3/24: $MOBI – $11.52 was up 21.51% today on volume 495% larger than ave, blasting to an all-time high – accumulate $$


  1. Beautiful call now let’s see your trades on yeahhhhhhh 🙂

  2. OK show your position sizes and trades to verify you aren’t another piker out for attention. lemme guess the trades that don’t work out you just pretend like they never happened?

  3. Chris,

    What do you use to scan for stocks these days? Is it Market Smith?

    Thank you

  4. Tim,

    Looks like a great site but I would only use it if I was selling a product or service. I’m not, so there’s no reason. I am not out to prove anything to anybody. However, If I was selling something – I most likely would do it.

  5. Dima,

    I am grandfathered into Daily Graphs for the old rate (a la carte). Marketsmith appears to be a rip off without the screen wizard a la carte.

  6. Blah (wise ass),

    Read the blog and you see that I disclose everything, winners, losers, etc. I don’t have to be right on every trade or post because plays like MOBI take care of losses.

    As far as position size, again, keep reading. I am not selling a service or product so as I told Tim, I have no need to disclose my trades.

    Lastly, piss off if you are here to cause trouble. I have been writing since 2005 and blog/ tweet what I see because I enjoy it and it helps some people.

    Disclose who you are next time because hiding is a punk ass move.

  7. Hi Chris,
    Good stuff. I have been following your blog and like it very much. I am planning to subscribe to Market Smith. Like you, I trade part-time as I have a full-time job. Can you please explain Market Smith is rip off w/o screen wizard comment. I was using telechart and I want to try the MarketSmith (for fun scans) as they do not offer DG.

    Any comments or suggestion.

  8. VC,

    I am still using daily graphs but was offered to join MarketSmith. I didn’t join because they want me to spend more to use the full package of tools that I don’t need.

    I only use the Custom Screen Wizard (Daily Graphs – which is not available to new subscribers) which I believe that Market Smith has but you also must purchase a suite of tools costing more.

    I have told others to request an a la carte option for MarketSmith but I was told that they said no.

  9. vc & chris,

    full-time canslim trader, dailygraphs subscriber since 1991. switched to marketsmith a few months back from dgonline and like it. it’s worth the extra guap for me…i run intraday screens for breakouts, canslim stock relative performance, sector moves, etf moves, etc.

    u should at least give it a try…i think they offer a free period

    good buy on mobi…ugly drop from the top, but i’m sure you’re out with a profit…happy trading

  10. Chris,
    Thank you very much. Since I did not use the Daily Graphs I will have to try the MarketSmith. Thanks and Good Luck.

  11. adam smith says

    Looks like your MOBI burned the house down!! I hope you tweeted when to get out!! or were you practicing “pump and dump”?

  12. Adam,

    Did you even read the full post or tweets before writing such a stupid comment?

    Looks like you didn’t so I will re-post here:

    4/22: $MOBI – 16.81, up today but I alerted holders to take profits when it crossed $18 Tuesday morning, was a 60% gain from 3/23 coverage

    4/19: $MOBI – 17.94, lock in gains now. Up nearly 60% from $11.52 in March.

    Come on people, pay attention!

  13. adam smith says

    Ok, I may be stupid, but certainly I don’t refer to stocks in endearing terms, like that tweet on 4/27!!

  14. The “stupid” comment comes from your “pump & dump” comment – read how I trade before making blank statements.

    So now you also write the rules on how to describe a stock’s run? Get lost bud, go bother someone else – I have better things to do!

  15. So what are your thought on MOBI now? What a difference a month makes!

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