Stocks near 200-d MA Support

The following spreadsheet consists of 175 stocks that are trending back towards their 200 day moving average while maintaining strong relative strength. It’s essentially a screen of the stocks that have potential to catch support at the 200-day moving average and lead the market IF (a BIG “IF”) it decides to resume the up-trend.

I’ll narrow down this list of 175 to 10 – 20 of the best, technically, in my opinion (later this week).

Take a look:


  1. Great job Chris. Thank you.

  2. Hi Chris

    I’d be interested in learning how do you generate this list? and what is the criteria for strong relative strength in your list? Is there some stock screener that you use or recommend?


  3. Alex,

    I use Daily Graphs, the older version of Market Smith by IBD. The screen looks like this:

    Quality Stocks within 10% of the 200-day Moving Average
    Earnings Per Share (EPS) Rating: From 70 to 99
    Relative Price Strength (RS) Rating: From 70 to 99
    Current 50-Day Average Volume (1000): Greater than or equal to: 100
    Current Price % Above or Below 200-Day Moving Average: From -5 to 10

    See this link:

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