The Gold Climax Top: Down nearly 20 Percent

August 21, 2011: A Gold Climax Top?

Signs are pointing towards a possible climax run for $GLD but please note that this may only be the beginning. Climax runs can push stocks and commodities to extreme levels with parabolic shapes at nearly 90 degree take-offs. Gold is starting to make a similar run, right now!

Well, Gold is now off 16% from that climax top post in August and more than 19% from the ultimate top which is within 1% of a confirmed bear market for the metal.

More important is the recent chart pattern which resembles a Dow Theory Breakdown or 1-2-3 breakdown. This pattern suggests that Gold has further downside.

I don’t know what 2012 will bring but for now, I continue to remain bearish on Gold, especially considering the strength in the US dollar.

With that said, this is the market and things can change in a day so stay tuned to my daily twitter updates (featuring charts and 140 character analysis).

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