My Twitter Positions are Up Big

I have been using Twitter and StockTwits for approximately two months and have highlighted 18 different stocks. Of the 18 stocks, 15 are currently showing a gain and 3 are showing a loss for an average gain of 20% per position. I only analyze stocks that I am about to buy/sell or would possibly buy/sell. I don’t talk about any old stock for the sake of posting tweets and wasting people’s time.

The average gain of the stocks showing a profit is 26%.
The average loss of the stocks showing a loss is 11% (-5%, -8% and -21%).

The top performing position is DXO, currently up 65% with a peak gain above 70%. Following DXO is EJ at 56%, STAR at 50%, RVBD at 40%, FRPT at 32%, ARST at 26% and V & VMW tied at 25%.

Visa (V) has appeared the most with a total of eight mentions (I may be biased since it’s my largest personal holding). DXO has also been an active play of mine since 2008 so it has been the second most popular ticker in my tweets, appearing five times over the past two months (DXO first appeared on this blog last November as a speculative oil play).

I would like to emphasize that the stock down 21% (APEI) would have been cut for a smaller loss using simple money management tools but for purposes of this update, we’ll assume everything is still being held.

Below is the list of stocks highlighted on my Twitter account, listed in date order (starting on March 31, 2009):

  • HTS: +7%, $26.15 from $24.35 on 3/31/09
  • V: +25%, $69.28 from $55.60 on 3/31/09
  • VMW: +25%, 32.59 from $26.12 on 4/1/09
  • RVBD: +40%, $21.52 from $15.37 on 4/2/09
  • STAR: +50%, $22.45 from $15.00 on 4/5/09
  • CXO: +14%, $31.90 from $27.96 on 4/5/09
  • DXO: +65%, $4.48 from $2.72 on 4/20/09 (1st posted on 4/6/09 at $3.07)
  • EJ: +56%, $16.78 from $10.79 on 4/9/08
  • ARST: +26%, $18.19 from $14.46 on 4/9/09
  • FRPT: +32%, $9.36 from $7.09 on 4/13/09
  • WMZ: +12%, $19.85 from $17.70 on 4/14/09
  • CTCT: +10%, $20.14 from $18.36 on 4/20/09
  • TNDM: +15%, $30.78 from $26.81 on 4/20/09
  • CFL: +11%, $30.60 from $27.50 on 4/26/09
  • PAR: +3%, $11.27 from $10.94 on 6/2/09
  • APEI: -21%, $34.56 from $44.00 on 4/2/09
  • MDAS: -5%, $15.90 from $16.79 on 4/23/09
  • MELI: -8%, $23.62 from $25.60 on 5/12/09

If you haven’t joined already, take the few seconds to follow me on Twitter as the bulk of my analysis appears there weekly, if not nightly.

P.S. – the bragging title of this post probably signals a short term top in the market! As I wrote yesterday:

“The main purpose of the stock market is to make fools of as many men as possible.” – Bernard Baruch




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My Latest Stock Market Twits

Below are the latest comments I have been making through StockTwits and Twitter.

  • cperruna@fortune8 – $V entry is $61.50 , 12% stop (just below last dip). Risk is $7.38; reward long term is 5.2x at $100 and 3.86x at $90.less than 5 seconds ago from web in reply to fortune8
  • $CFL – $27.50, new all time high for young stock. Alarms always up in poor economy; break-ins up at same time.1 minute ago from StockTwits
  • $V – $60.38, technically, the pivot point is $61.50. All that is left is for the 50d to move above 200d – then look for $60-$100 move.6 minutes ago from StockTwits
  • $STAR – $18.78, ready to make new 52-wk high. Closed Friday up 18% on volume 301% above ave. Watch it – trender12 minutes ago from StockTwits
  • $RVBD – 17.81, up 15% last week on heavy volume. 50d moved above 200d ma (positive). Quadruple top breakout! About to challenge 52-wk high15 minutes ago from StockTwits
  • RT @KeithShepard Global Warming Delusions ( “The evidence that global warming will have serious effects on life is thin.about 23 hours ago from web
  • $MDAS – $16.79, up 4.81% on volume 218% larger than ave. Looks like it is ready to move. 50d above 200d is all that’s left for long term7:29 PM Apr 23rd from StockTwits
  • Rough day for longs: Only 308 advancing issues, the the third fewest on NYSE in 2009. 2,823 decliners, 4th highest total in ’09 $$11:03 PM Apr 20th from StockTwits
  • $DXO – $2.72, the gap has filled, down 10% on heavy volume in early trade. 50d ma is at $2.62 (support entry?).9:38 AM Apr 20th from StockTwits
  • $TNDM – $26.81, watch this one, volume exploding but it is extended. I will grab shares at 50-d ma if given the chance.9:04 AM Apr 20th from StockTwits
  • $CXO – $27.70, let’s see if 50d can recover 200d. Buy with strong move above $29 (triple top breakout on P&F).8:59 AM Apr 20th from StockTwits
  • $CTCT – $18.36, blasted above 200d last week on above ave volume. Entry was $17.50 on P&F charts. Keep an eye on it.8:58 AM Apr 20th from StockTwits
  • $FRPT – $7.67, up more than 10% on above ave volume. Up 8% since Monday’s mention. Like I said – $14 is next long term resistance1:46 PM Apr 16th from StockTwits
  • $V – $58.33, challenging the 200d ma. Expect struggle here. Becomes long buy when 50d crosses above 200d ma. Will enter $60-$100 run10:37 PM Apr 14th from StockTwits
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Follow my Stock Analysis on Twitter

I miss blogging but now you can follow my stock ideas and research on twitter (I use stocktwits to post the information). Due to time constraints that prohibit me from posting high quality blog analysis, I have decided to use the great technology of tweets to write my thoughts each night. I don’t believe in half-hearted blog posts so Twitter is a perfect compliment while I continue my daily blog hiatus.

My goal is to target a few stock ideas and/or quick research snapshots that are crossing my screens. These are the same ideas that I log in my own notebook for potential trades or future reference. Now I can share my ideas again and not take up too much time formatting a blog post.

Follow me here:

Here’s a sample of the tweets I have listed over the past few nights:

  • We had 12 new highs and 2 new lows on the NYSE today – compare that to 3 NH’s and 705 NL’s on 3/3/09 – the trend is changing $$ – less than 20 seconds ago from StockTwits
  • RVBD – nice recovery of the 200-d m.a. – longer term play with healthy market. Short term target is $18 (52-wk high area)…8 minutes ago from StockTwits
  • APEI – triple top breakout on point & figure above $45 (short term buy). 50-d ma. must cross above 200-d m.a. before longer term buy…15 minutes ago from StockTwits
  • VMW up on volume 135% larger than average; trading in range, $20 to $27 – short term buy above $27. 200-d MA may provide resistance…7:58 PM Apr 1st from StockTwits
  • V in a trading range, EPS still solid, RS steady – $57-$60 is buy zone; it goes to $100 when the market moves but when is that…7:07 PM Mar 31st from StockTwits
  • HTS is an interesting young stock, decent chart, volume up 180% today, not a buy yet (especially in this market)…6:52 PM Mar 31st from StockTwits
  • DXO is dropping back to the moving average – watch it for setup…8:59 PM Mar 30th from StockTwits

The charts of the stocks covered so far are listed below. So sign up for twitter and join me as I talk stocks. You can get it on your phone, facebook and many other places.




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