China Super Stars

BIDU,, Added on 4/25/07 at $103.50, +190%


MR, Mindray Medical, Added on 1/30/07 at $24.95, +78%


EDU, New Oriental Education, Added on 2/6/07 at $36.93, +75%


JASO, JA Solar Holdings, Added on 6/13/07 at $24.55, +90%


PTR, Petrochina Co., Added on 2/5/07 at $123.38, +54%

  • Digging for PetroChina (PTR)
  • “The stock is currently forming a consolidation pattern above the 200-d moving average, similar to the support it received three times over the past two years (see the chart). If the stock can maintain support, the current trading range will become the next buying opportunity. The recent declines were logged in as distribution but the stock was also catching support during those down-weeks.”



    1. Very impressive results on these. What do you make of the recent action in BIDU? Yesterday in a very bullish market BIDU fell, but today in a market showing losses BIDU is jumping.

    2. Nice recommendation. But the more difficult issue
      is that how we hold them through the August correction. I saw on the blog that you took some
      profit before the correction (nice call!). But you
      did not recommend buy them back in August and
      September when these stocks started a big run.
      How do you get back in the same stock after taking
      profit? Could you comment on that?

    3. Steven Mac says


      With JASO, do you see on the weekly chart this forming as a cup with handle? I entered a position yesterday, but today the stock took a beating. Thoughts?

      Steven Mac


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