Weekend Must Read Links 3-21-08

The markets are closed today so chew on the excellent links below or read the top 20 posts on this site.


Absolut Must Read Links for Friday, March 21, 2008:


  1. thanks for the link Chris

  2. Hi Chris,

    what do you think of V? I have not been trading much as I have been concentrating on this business thing all year so far. But thats one I have been following a little more. Do you think it good to get in now or wait for a pullback. I was in and out of MA when I should have just held it so I am wondering if V is gonna do the same thing and rocket to 200? or course its a different market now….

  3. Ty,
    I wrote you an e-mail but would like to share with eveyone that I did grab shares in V on Thursday.

    Gun shy on Wednesday!

  4. Chris:

    I KNOW that you must have INADVERTENTLY left my blog of your top 20 “MUST READ” Post Links 😉

    David J. Phillips, Publisher

    A KIPLINGER’S PERSONAL FINANCE & BUSINESSWEEK “MUST-READ” BLOG! A ‘SMART STOP’ Must by The Journal of Accountancy (March 2008)

    FEBRUARY 12, 2007

    Number Crunch


    To read SEC filings with a guide, go to this blog run by David Phillips, an investment newsletter publisher. He focuses on financial-statement “soft spots,” such as restructurings, and also takes on issues like executive pay, recently analyzing the actual compensation of $1-a-year ceos like Yahoo!’s (YHOO ) Terry Semel and Apple’s (AAPL ) Steve Jobs. Phillips delves into the data and lets others handle the witty asides, sprinkling in lines from movies and songs. On the payoff to shareholders from Semel’s low official salary, he paraphrases Tom Waits: “The big print giveth and the small print taketh away.”


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