How I Trade – Audio Interview

The below MP3 file is an audio interview I did with Tim Bourquin back in February 2008 for his site, Trader Interviews. The interview lasts about 20 minutes covering topics such as how/ when I started trading, the types of fundamental screens I use each night and the types of charts I study each night for the stocks I am studying to buy and sell.

Click here to Play the Interview:
042111_Trader Interviews 2008-02-28 Trader

I listened to the interview last night and I can tell you that nothing has changed in my trading style since 2008, as far as the core foundation is concerned.

Screens and items I talk about in the interview and still use today:

Enjoy and certainly let me know what you think!

Show notes: Chris Perruna is a part-time trader who holds positions from three to nine months at a time, looking for larger moves in stocks he chooses based on a popular trading system from a leading market newspaper. Here we talk about the three stock screens he uses each night, why he likes stocks that are about to bounce off their 200-day moving average and why he, even though he is a longer-term trader, will get out of a position the same day if the trade isn’t working out. Chris’ blog can be found at:

Note: In the interview, I say the words “daily charts” twice when I meant to say “intraday chart” and “daily chart”.

I look at the intraday chart, daily chart, weekly chart and point & figure chart for each stock I analyze (nightly).

NOTE: In the interview, I suggest that my screens are showing red flags as they are very weak. Well, the NASDAQ $COMPQ dropped more than 40% over the next year.


  1. chris~thanks for sharing that interview, enjoyed the comments and found it very insightful. wealth of information on this post and I intend to fully investigate, compare and incorporate it into my style. investing is such a challenge but with traders such as yourself willing to take the time to share insights… well it makes the journey that much more rewarding and enjoyable. Best to you.

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