Webinar: How to Make Money Trading Part Time

My webinar titled How to Make Money Trading Part Time is now posted for viewing by anyone that couldn’t make the live session or for further review.

The webinar highlighted the following topics:

The content covered is a high level overview of how I trade part time while managing a full time career and family as my top priorities. It can be done successfully but there are some key rules that must be followed in order to be consistently profitable.

Take a look and let me know if you have further questions, post them here in the blog comments (the webinar is an hour long with two Q&A sessions).

Workshop slides can be found through this link in PDF format (please note that the chart case studies won’t work properly in static PDF format – the PDF is not interactive):

Lastly, I would like to thank Tim Bourquin from TraderInterviews.com for hosting this webinar and giving me a chance to perform this workshop both in person back in February in NYC and on the web.

Review these posts as a follow-up to the webinar, to reinforce the topics that I discussed:

I look forward to the next workshop and/ or webinar, thank you again!


  1. Chris

    Seems that they are no longer hosting the webinar video via the link you provided. Is there another source to view it? Thanks!

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