ICE, BOT and ISE Updated

I wrote about the exchange stocks exactly two months ago, Exchange Stocks: ISE w/ ICE & BOT, and highlighted the case study with ISE which was building a cup shaped based. I noted that ISE was mostly likely the laggard among the group (which includes ICE and BOT) and I liked what I saw among these sister stocks. I actually closed the article with:


“Both ICE and BOT have moved on to new 52-weeks highs so ISE may be seen as the laggard but the base is great. As long as a handle forms and a pivot point is established, I will enter at the ideal time only if the “M” in CANSLIM is cooperating. The major indexes are extended so I am not sure if this will all come together at the proper time but it is a very interesting development to watch. The stock is already up over 15% in six weeks on the MSW Index so we can always take profits if things turn badly!”


All three stocks have made gains over the past two months but ISE has remained the laggard with a failed breakout above the established pivot point. Both ICE and BOT have made gains of 20% or more with ICE coming in at 27.30% as of Monday’s pre-opening price.

The group remains strong and the trend is still pointing higher for all three stocks but ideal entry areas have been passed. ICE is up about 50% on the MSW index while ISE is up only 10% but neither stock has given a major sell signal. With ISE currently trading around the 50-day moving average, I would suspect that some shorter term traders may be taking on speculative positions.


In any event, this is just another classic example of how stocks travel in groups, hence the term “sister-stocks”.


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