Aloha from Oahu

The pictures below are from the first portion of our trip in Oahu.

We stayed in Waikiki but took several day trips on the island:
Pearl Harbor
North Shore
Diamond Head
Rain Forest

Enjoy the pictures!









  1. Ah Hawaii, what a wonderful place. I’m jealous man. If you like bike riding you should take a ride down the side of a volcano.

  2. Great pictures, they are really unique. Can’t wait to see them all. Have a great time and talk to you soon, Love MOM

  3. Pleadership says

    Nice pictures. You are posting while on holidays…you got a very understanding wife. You are a lucky man. I bet there are few traders that would like that situation. I myself, also have an understanding wife. You need it in this business.

  4. Wow….really great pics.
    In the 6th you looks tiny…like “lord of the rings trader”…lol


  5. Take a look at EDU working itself out of a flat base!

    Lovely pictures…enjoy the rest of your stay!

  6. Thanks for all the comments.

    I am getting ready for a Mama’s Fishhouse dinner tonight and then the ride to see the Sunrise atop Haleakala (the 10,000 foot Volcano on Maui) and then the bikeride down the mountain. The temperature will be in the 30’s when we arrive on the mountain around 4am and above 70 when we reach bottom. Can’t wait! I don’t miss the super rain storm in the east that has put water in my basement for the first time since owning the house.

  7. If I were you…I’d drive up myself and make sure to park at the enterance to the parking lot.

    The bike ride is not as much fun as you think it is. Plus, if you drive yourself you can sleep in a bit!!!

    But, any way you go…it is beautiful. Enjoy it!!!

    Been to Mama’s Fish house many times…great food and good times…a bit expensive but hey you are on Maui!


  8. Great vacation! Hope your having a blast!

  9. Ahhhh, Hawaii. Takes me back to my navy days when I was stationed at Pearl Harbor. The Arizona was right outside my back door. Did you hike up to the rim of Diamond Head? The pics are great…

  10. Enjoy the remainder of the trip. Weather has been surprisingly good (this time last year was the tail end of the 40-days of solid rain!).

    Best wishes (from Oahu),

  11. Looks like fun Chris. I used to go there every couple years. Big Island was my family’s favorite.

  12. That’s amazing!

  13. Market Spec,
    You are right, the bike ride was “okay”. I would drive myself next time (and we met a storm atop the mountain so we didn’t see much above 7,000 feet).

    Mama’s Fishhouse was excellent: Had the red snapper and shrimp in garlic sauce with angel hair pasta. I didn’t order the $98 surf and turf.

  14. Darin, Diamond haed was fun and hot but worth it.

    Jim, the big island is on my agenda for the next trip out here – I want to see lava!

    Declan, We were told about the rain last March, I feel bad for all that took a trip at that time. I saw the temporary sewage pipes along the canal near Waikiki.

  15. Hey Chris,

    glad your was good. Im sorry about the storm on Haleakala, I was hoping you guys could catch it on a good day with a little cloud cover below you, its amazing. Oh well, you have an excuse to come out here again!

  16. Ty,
    I do have a great excuse and the next time I am out, we will plan something together (surfing?). It was good to talk to you though. Trading in Hawaii must be very difficult with the 6 hour time lag to NYC. Oahu is beautiful but not as beautiful as Maui (in my opinion). However, I feel bad for those people that don’t leave the Waikiki area because the north and east shores of Oahu are amazing; as is the rain forest.

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