Stock Market Summer Reading

I recommend each and every book on the list below for anyone that is looking for quality summer reading related to the stock market. The books are not listed in any particular order so please don’t select from top to bottom, left to right or any other systematic approach. However, they all make the top of my list of must reads.

I attempted (tried my best) to categorize the books according to their themes. The categories are based on a macro review of the material and many of the books can and do fall into multiple categories.

Learning about Stocks (Fundamental and Technical Principles):

System Development and Market Psychology:

Great All-around Reads:

To view other books I enjoyed, follow this link: Recommended Stock Market Books – 2005


  1. No titles shown for each category.

  2. Acetrader says

    Chris, I love Market Wizards and the New Market Wizards. Also, The Education of a Speculator by Victor Niederhoffer is good, check out his daily site with contributions from many money pros…

  3. JJ, The three titles are there, perhaps you missed them:

    1. Learning about Stocks (Fundamental and Technical Principles)
    2. System Development and Market Psychology
    3. Great All-around Reads

  4. Chris -nice little blog you have here!
    Stan Weinstein’s “secrets for profiting in bull and bear mkts”.
    i’m not sure if it’s in print anymore, but very good. i have it in my library.


  5. Jeff,
    I have read the Stan Weinstein book many times and have it on my completed page of recommended stock market books. It is in my top 20 of all-time. I added the link at the bottom of the post.

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