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It’s a quiet Monday for me and I will be back with posting tomorrow but you can read a book until then!

Learning about Stocks (Fundamental and Technical Principles):

System Development and Market Psychology:

Great All-around Reads:

All Others:


  1. I think books are some of the best investments around. I have bought many used off of amazon and the return is even higher. I cant even calculate how much my RDPD book has returned over the years…

  2. I agree completely Ty! Without books, I would never be where I am today (in all aspects of life).

  3. Peter Lynch’s One up On Wall Street is an absolute classic. I read that book when I began investing and it helped me immeasurably. His books are both informative and enjoyable.

  4. i like most of your the books posted in your site execpt:
    Tend following by Michael Covel.
    it is ,in my opinion, the worst book i ever read. the guy is nothing more than a sales guy who is trought his book does a good job to promote his website (a JUNK).

    i wonder why you included this book in the selection.
    i literaly throw the book after i read over 70%. it is disgusting.

  5. Zamouri,
    I do agree that his work is near the bottom of my lists but it does contain a few things some readers may benefit from.

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