Solar Super Stars

I highlighted a group of solar sister stocks on September 11, 2007 during a typical daily screen. Many analysts and stock bloggers, such as Madstocks, have been doing the same since this is the hot trending group. You have two choices: Join the party or watch it happen!


All seven solar stocks (SPWR, FDG, YGE, JASO, ANR, FSLR, LDK) have moved higher with my original Chinese solar buy, JASO, leading the charge over the longer term. JA Solar Holdings (JASO) peaked with a 90% gain in three months and is now up more than 85% since my June coverage.


More recently, First Solar Inc. (FSLR) has blasted higher, reaching new highs with a 26% gain over the past three weeks. I highlighted it on the 9/11 Daily Screen and had this to say:

FSLR – 100.42, the stock is consolidating after the super run from $20 to $119 over the past nine months. FSLR is related to LDK in this category.

LDK Solar Co. (LDK) had a peak gain of 40% during the month of September and has been making new highs since its debut for four consecutive months. Here’s what I had to say a few weeks back:

LDK – 58.13, the stock is past all ideal entry points but is one to keep any eye on based on the excellent up-trending strength. The ideal entry would be a pullback to the 50-d m.a. A shorter term entry could be on a slight pullback near $50. This is one to watch for a future $60-$100 run.


The group is moving higher and I am no longer an entry level buyer into these sister stocks. You could add shares on pullbacks but I won’t be joining. I own what I need to own and will only take profits when necessary. Ride the trend. If you missed it, wait for the next train to arrive.

I’ll update and cover the China trend tomorrow, along with a fresh daily screen!






  1. 10.01.2007
    I’ve read your site for some time as well as IBD, however, I’m still inexperienced at all this. I’d like your take on how you would place $175K into the market (of which $125K is IRA). I’m not saying I’d employ your recommendation, but I’d appreciate your take. I’ve been reluctant to even ease it in due to several factors. You seem very conservative and well read and I was wondering your opinion on both the sectors or exchanges you would recommend and I’d also like your opinion on the frequency of buying (I wouldn’t plunk it all down in a one week period). Any comments appreciated. Sorry if this is the wrong venue, but did not see an email address to otherwise communicate.

  2. Chris,

    Thanks for the link, keep up the good work!

  3. So today must be the day for LDK right?


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