Riviera Maya & Cancun, Mexico

I must say that the Caribbean beaches along the Yucatan peninsula are absolutely beautiful. The water is crystal clear with a blue – turquoise tone that I have never seen. I have been to Hawaii and to Caribbean islands but this water was more beautiful. I would still choose Hawaii over Mexico for a total breathtaking experience but the color of the water here ranks with the best of them.

We relaxed on the beaches, played volleyball, visited the Mayan ruins, shopped in the villages, enjoyed the local dancers, tasted the Mexican cuisine and enjoyed a few coronas (and cocktails). And best of all: swimming with the dolphins!

Enjoy the images. Regular posting will return this week. I see that GU and BX started to move while I was away. I bought and sold GU earlier in the year but will be looking for a possible position after I start to run screens again.

The Next Chinese IPO – GU
Gushan (GU) Making a Move

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  1. Better water than Hawaii!?!? no way! hahaha, jk, Im biased of course. Maybe we can hit Kona next time your down here, the water is a lot better than Oahu most of the time.

    Looks like you had an awesome trip man! Thats pretty cool they let you do all that with the Dolphins, most places here you cant do so much, and the pools are small…

    Do you have more pics somewhere? Id be interested to see more of the ruins and some of the city/town as well.

    glad you made it back, lookin forward to more great articles!

  2. Ragin' Cajun says

    Good to see you back.

  3. Lol, looks like COCO was getting a little fresh with the misses. You two make a handsome couple, (excluding the monkey of course). Looks like a very interesing place, maybe I can get my hubby to take me. Glad you had a great time!

  4. Ty,
    Yes, the water was amazing. Not that blue in Hawaii. The dolphin experience was amazing. I have more pics but not loaded to the web.

    Thanks – it is good to be back to my own bed and internet access.

    Coco was fresh! It was a great time and do recommend to anyone for a relaxing beach vacation with some history mixed in.

  5. Kevin Pickell says

    WOW! Looks like it was a great vacation!! The pics were nice. Great camera work, Chris. Your wife is such a pretty lady….what a lucky guy(ha ha!).

    Welcome back to the real world. I have a nice vacation planned in July, and your pics make me wish that I was leaving tomorrow.

  6. Hi Chris — Glad your vacation went well, great pictures!

    Do you use only custom screen wizard or do you also use Daily Graphs online for your research? I am thinking about subscribing and thought you would be a great source of info.

    Thanks, Barry

  7. Only custom screen wizard!

    Thank you all for the comments.

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