My latest Stock Watchlist

It’s good to be back, back to research. Honestly, I love researching stocks, even after a long day of work. I don’t consider studying charts work and sometimes believe they help relieve stress after a long day and/or week of ‘regular’ life.

I have not studied the market since late March but ran at least a dozen screens this weekend and viewed hundreds of charts and compiled a list of 10 that I will be watching for possible positions. I will most likely give myself another week or two to get back into the market rhythm but these ten look solid for mid-to-longer term buys (trend/ momentum buys). Remember, we are not day-trading here.

Some names will be familiar as I have owned and/or covered them over the past 6-12 months. Others will be new to the blog but they all have solid fundamental and technical characteristics. These stocks are currently presenting favorable odds for future gains based on the CANSLIM-like characteristics.

I must be clear that I am NOT declaring them buys at this point in time but they should be gearing-up for positive moves giving us potential positions (based on risk/reward setups). The stocks are listed in random order so I am not favoring one more than another until I get my market bearings back.

Let me know what you think of my ten and certainly leave comments for stocks on your watchlists that you think I may be overlooking.

10 Stocks to Watch:

  • MA – 228.60, buys along the 200-d m.a. are ideal for this winner (I own shares)
  • V – 66.11, any accumulation near $60 is ideal in my opinion (I own shares)
  • FSLR – 268.30, extended with an ideal accumulation point above the 50-d m.a.
  • GU – 14.12, the stock gained 60% while I was away; ideal entry near $12
  • PPO – 23.19, good looking young stock with ideal accumulation near $20
  • GTLS – 35.48, poor ending to the week but a buy near the 200-d m.a. is fine
  • TITN – 22.39, solid young stock with an ideal entry point near $20 (looking good)
  • SD – 44.28, made almost every screen I ran this week (buy near $40)
  • CLR – 38.38, yes, this stock is extended but I like it near $30 or the next base
  • RIMM – 115.85, I’ll jump on this one if it has anther run in it (classic superstar)












  1. The problems with China’s economy are such that being out of emerging stock markets is a very good idea. China’s leaders have fooled the world’s population into thinking they have a huge amount of dollars at their disposal, which is untrue. The trade surplus is being used to a) line the leaders’ pockets; b) feed the trillion peasants who earn around $5 per day; c) build the thousands of buildings to house and work the population; d) build a world-leading defence for the upcoming commodities war e) build a space ship to flee to Mars once global warming gets going f) buy all the abortionable records their pop stars release g) invest in lead h) you’re still reading this? You are a div.


  2. Two possible stocks for you to look at – WSCI and SUTR. Both are very thin right now but in strong sectors (metals) and at least decent fundamentals. WSCI needs to rest but is an IBD-type stock.

    I do like GU and hope it rests here some more. Two more from China that I am watching are JST and VISN.

  3. What was your entry for V?
    Is it too high now to enter at around $66?

  4. I am liking the coal and railroads. They keep popping up in the top sectors. CSX reported today after the bell with a 46% increase in EPS, so we will see what it does tomorrow. KSU is in that group as well.

    Patriot coal is a nice young stock. I have a position in MEE, and FDG looks nice as well. A lot of these companies report earnings next week. 4/21 or so

  5. In light of the recent discovery of potential huge oil fields in Brazil, do you still think GU is a good investemnt ??


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