VisionChina Media, Inc. (VISN)

Stock of the Day
VisionChina Media, Inc.

Tuesday’s Closing Price: VISN – $18.84

Sector: Services
Industry: Advertising
52-week Price: $5.27 – $23.00

The stock is starting to pull back to the 50-day moving average which will offer us a solid entry opportunity with an excellent risk-to-reward ratio. If my swing target method can offer any accuracy whatsoever, we could be looking at a 10-to-1 risk-to-reward trade. A buy in the $16 to $17 area could also provide us a 5-to-1 risk-to-reward ratio assuming it can get back to $23 without violating the stop.

Not bad if you ask me. I will be taking on the trade if it drops below $17 and holds support at the 50-d moving average. Maybe it will work, maybe it will flop. As I say every time (like a broken record): take the trade and follow the rules. That’s all we can ask!

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A couple more HOT momentum stocks:
VISN – 22.53, VisionChina Media Inc. has also been tearing up my nightly screens but it slipped past any and all ideal entry points for me as a trend trader. It is now in the hands of the day traders with a year-to-date gain of 146%, a 148% gain over the past three months and a 42% gain over the past month.

Top Rated Stocks

Other High Rated Stocks in my System:
VISN – 18.88, VisionChina Media, Inc.

Potential Trade Set-up:
Entry: $16.00
Risk is set at 1.0% of total portfolio or $1,000 of $100k
Stop Loss is 10% or $14.72
Number of Shares: 781
Position Size is $12,500
Risk is $1.28
Target is $30 for a 10-to-1 risk/reward ratio.
A move back to $23 with a buy at $16 would be a 5-to-1 risk/reward trade.

Institutional Analysis:
Held By Institutions: 43.21%
Total Held by Institutions: 48
Money Market: 29
Mutual Fund: 17
Other: 2

New Positions: 27
Positions Sold: 8
Shares Held: 36.97M
Shares Held Previous Period: 32.43M

Shares Bought: 6.82M
Shares Sold: 2.32M
Value of Shares Bought: $133.2M
Value of Shares Sold: $45.19M

Top Institutional holders; Shares Held:
Oz Management, L.L.C.; 13,219,708
Goldman Sachs Group Inc; 5,366,726
Columbia Wanger Asset Management, L.P.; 5,242,328
Columbia Acorn Select Fd; 2,850,028
Columbia Acorn Fd; 1,250,000

Key Fundamental Numbers:
Market Cap.: 1.29B
Outstanding Shares: 68.4M
Float: 37.6M
P/E (trailing): 78.83
P/E (forward): 21.66
PEG Ratio: N/A
EPS Growth (TTM): 143%
EPS Growth (MRQ): 285%
Revenue Growth (TTM): 471%
Revenue Growth (MRQ): 304%

Net Income (thousands):
FY 2007: $9,393
FY 2006: $(4,069)
FY 2005: $(416)

Revenue (thousands):
FY 2007: $29,386
FY 2006: $3,873
FY 2005: $291

FY 2009: $0.87E
FY 2008: $0.58E
FY 2007: $0.17

Company Overview:
VisionChina Media, Inc., through its consolidated affiliated entity, China Digital Mobile Television Co., Ltd., provides advertising services in the People’s Republic of China. It operates out-of-home advertising network using real-time mobile digital television broadcasts to deliver content and advertising on mass transportation systems. The company’s mobile digital television advertising network delivers real-time content provided by the local television stations.


  1. The size of the volume on the day it topped don’t bother your from a technical stand point?

  2. Not at all. The stocks looks sustainable with a nice entry now (on the pullback). That’s why I didn’t buy when it was making new highs.

  3. Market Speculator says

    Great stock, its been in my port since 4/1, also like VIT.

  4. Picked up shares today (6/9) at $16.71.

  5. I agree that this is a great stock that should be picked up on the dip, lets wait a few more days to see if the 50 holds up, I wrote about it on my blog at


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