Last Chance for Summer Reading

My final summer trip is coming up (the big one to Europe) so I will be bringing along two books (I hope the dog and his house sitter get along; by the way, Continental quoted us $1,800 one way to fly our 100lb lab to Europe):

The first has to do with real estate, something I have been focusing on over the past several months; the Nickerson book is a RE classic from the 1950’s & 60’s (don’t even think “get-rich-quick – can’t stand those). The second is a fiction classic that I have never read and have always wanted to. Or, you could always stick to the stock market books listed below; I have read them all!


Learning about Stocks (Fundamental and Technical Principles):

System Development and Market Psychology:

Great All-around Reads:

All Others:


  1. good post, but u forgot “An American Hedge Fund” 🙂

  2. John Egan says

    Re: “by the way, Continental quoted us $1,800 one way to fly our 100lb lab to Europe” … Yeah.. And they charge $5.00 for a bowl of water, $7.50 for a doggie chew.. And don’t even ask what it costs for your lab to watch wild kingdom on his seat-back screen either.. 😉

    Anyway… Hope you were just joking about shipping your dog.. Foreign countries have all sorts of restrictions on pets..

    jegan 😉

  3. The Godfather is outstanding. I think i read the entire book in less than a week. We are talking about almost 500 pages.

  4. Hey CP,

    how about the books from John Boik? I they they are all well written and do deserve a mention.


  5. Hey Chris,
    These are good books – thkx for that.
    If you pass in Belgium on your european tour, let me know. Would love to invite u for a good meal
    Take care


  6. Hi Chris,

    Thank you for this great selection of books! I already have “How To Make Money In Stocks” by William J. O’Neil. Great book! If you were to recommend two others to someone desiring to be a VALUE investor, what would they be?


    PS. Maybe I’m thinking of someone else, but I thought you had a subscription based website too.

  7. I just returned from Europe – The Godfather book was amazing. So much better and more detailed than the movie which I watched for the first time last night after reading the book.

  8. Chris,

    I realize it’s almost the end of summer, but hey, I need a fall read now 🙂 Looking at the list of books you suggested, I’m having a hard time picking one. I’m new to the stock market and the last time I picked up a stock market book, I understood only about 70% and it took me forever to get through. Do you have any advice or recommendations for someone who is more new to investing (and in college) and still wants to learn the basics? Thanks!

  9. Kristy,
    How To Make Money In Stocks by William J. O’Neil is where I would tell you to start. It is where I started in college with market related books.

    Another fun read is:
    How I Made $2,000,000 In The Stock Market
    by Nicolas Darvas

    Ignore the title and read the book, fun reading rather than boring.

    Let me know how you make out.

  10. Hi Chris,

    How about putting a short note with each of these and making grade them.



  1. […] I read Martin Zweig, Jesse Livermore, William O’Neil, Gerald Loeb and Victor Sperandeo (see reading list for details). I’ll also glance at pieces written by Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch for fundamental […]

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