Three Stocks to Watch

Although the NASDAQ was down 2.22% and the Dow was down 1.99% on Tuesday, the stocks listed below sport some of the best relative strength ratings and best looking charts that I can find (looking at the charts from a trend trading perspective). The three stocks below have increasing earnings, increasing revenue, increasing fund sponsorship and are all fairly new to the market

The market is not in great shape so I don’t recommend buying blindly but do keep an eye on these candidates as their relative strength ratings have been impressive during turbulent times. APEI is the most interesting to me at this time.

American Public Education Inc. (APEI)
Industry: Services : Schools
Price: $47.74
Price Below 52-wk High: 10.33%
Market Cap: 850M
EPS Growth (MRQ): 23%
EPS Growth (TTM): 105%
EPS Rating: 99
Relative Strength Rating: 98

2010: 1.60E
2009: 1.13E
2008: 0.80E
2007: 0.64

Genoptix Inc. (GXDX)
Industry: Healthcare : Healthcare Facilities
Price: $38.40
Price Below 52-wk High: 7.94%
Market Cap: 637M
EPS Growth (MRQ): N/A
EPS Growth (TTM): N/A
EPS Rating: 80
Relative Strength Rating: 98

2010: 1.65E
2009: 1.11E
2008: 1.16E
2007: 0.78

PetMed Express Inc. (PETS)
Industry: Services : Retail (Drugs)
Price: $18.12
Price Below 52-wk High: 3.36%
Market Cap: 426M
EPS Growth (MRQ): 32%
EPS Growth (TTM): 30%
EPS Rating: 93
Relative Strength Rating: 99

2010: 1.07E
2009: 0.97E
2008: 0.82
2007: 0.60
2006: 0.50


  1. Any thoughts on AFAM? Their inst. ownership went from 15% to 50% over the summer, and they’ve held up rather well.

  2. Jason,
    AFAM was #4 on my research list last night.

  3. What is going on with GE??? Are they going to be the next AIG or GM????

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