Strong Stock Charts

Today’s screen features quality stocks with increasing institutional fund sponsorship and charts with trends moving higher (trading above key moving averages as well). Not many interesting stock charts exist in this market but I can say that these look strong when compared to peers.

The stocks also meet the requirements below:

  • Earnings per Share (EPS) Rating: Increasing quarter over quarter
  • Relative Price Strength (RS) Rating: 60+
  • % of the number of mutual funds owning for current quarter vs. prior quarter: Increased by 10% or more
  • Stocks trading at new 52-week high or within 15% of 52-week high
  • 50-Day Average Volume was greater than or equal to 100% (Friday’s market)

Stock charts listed in alphabetical order:


  1. andrew bailey says:

    Really like your blog. I too follow IBD CAnslim approach. I was wondering if you know a good way to track institutional sponsorship in stocks I track. It would be nice to see how the sponsorship changes with time. I saw a similar set-up when I went to an Investools seminar several years ago…I know IBD had its institute rating index but I would like to track changes with time rather than just a rating…

  2. Andrew,
    I use the custom screen wizard from IBD to track the overall institutional trends and then Vickers research for specifics.


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