Dollar falls, Crude up

The US Dollar violated the 50-day moving average for the first time in five months while the Euro Dollar crossed back above its 50-day moving average during the same period of time. Crude oil was up 10% as it closed above $48 a barrel and the ETN I highlighted from last week is now up 30% from its low. I do own 1/3 of my position in DXO but I can’t say I caught it below $3. I highlighted the three investments last week in a post titled:

12/02/08: Dollars, T-Bonds and Crude Oil

I started to mention Oil as a possible value buy in November:
11/26/08: Oil a Value Buy?

Here’s what I was thinking:

I mentioned my idea last week: Crude Oil ETN’s. My wife and I have agreed to start purchasing a stake in crude oil investments, starting this week with a 25% purchase of our fully anticipated position (DXO is the instrument). The crude oil charts have not turned positive and I have not received any buy signals such as the ones I highlighted in the dollar earlier this year but I am viewing this more from a value perspective rather than technical. Maybe I will strikeout big time but I am swinging for it anyway.

Too many Middle East talking-heads want to cut production and raise the price of oil. Maybe I am extremely early to this “rebound/ bottom-picking game” but I can’t seem to reason how oil will stay low for long (talking years here, not a short term position).

It will be fun to see how this plays out.


  1. Chris,

    DXO does not track a spot price for oil. Rather it is invested in short term future contracts.Recently, according to Deutsche Bank, DXO was invested 100% in June 09 futures. Do you firmly believe the price of oil will rise significantly in such a short period of time?

  2. Dima,
    When one contract expires, a new one is rolled in. It isn’t based on this one futures contract. I am not an expert in EFT’s and ETN’s so maybe I am overlooking something but that is the way i understand how this instrument works.


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