Market Breadth

Market Breadth using the New High New Low ratio and the Cumulative Advance Decline line for the NYSE and NASDAQ.
I’ll let the charts do the talking…












  1. Chris,
    are you thinking of going short at any point. Seems like we have come a long way in the market by cost cutting.

    Regards Steve

  2. What do you suppose these charts are “saying”?

  3. “I’ll let the charts do the talking…”

    Chris, can’t tell what are the charts saying. Please translate.

  4. put these awesome charts on please!

  5. Here’s what these charts say to me. Although we’ve had a nice breakout in the indicies, we have yet to see some good looking new highs versus new lows– and that’s what you mentioned a month or so ago.

    So until we start getting some larger breadth, at least *half* relative to the NH/NL differential from October. Until then I call bullshit on the breadth– although this is a longer term view and price will make you wrong before that.

    But on the flipside, that also tells me that we still have a lot of empty space where price can be accumulated and we have a *ton* of price potential before the true leaders show up.

  6. This is what I have been saying on Twitter:

    Even with 100 NH’s, something doesn’t seem right with stocks making NH’s. Let’s stay tuned. My $V was weak today $$ – 10:44 PM Jul 23rd from web

    Biotech, Housing & Cyclicals lead the market this week ( 26%, 10%, 10%), not my choice for leaders. $$ – 10:51 AM Jul 25th from web

    New highs and Adv-Dec is increasing but something is not jiving. The “actual” leaders are weak candidates to bring any market higher (my opinion). However, NL’s have dried up so be ready for when the market does want to go higher on the shoulders of true leaders (we’re looking for fresh new names from growth industries – not old leaders).

  7. Forgive me, but I’m seeing all of these breadth measures printing new highs along with price – a bullish confirmation.

  8. Would you update these breadth charts, please

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