2010 Stock Reading List

Learning about Stocks (Fundamental and Technical Principles):

System Development and Market Psychology:

Great All-around Reads:



  1. Tell me what books are missing from this list! I’ll check them out and add if suitable.

  2. derekhernquist says:

    You know I love this list, Chris…I think you’d enjoy Hank Pruden’s “3 Skills of Top Trading”

  3. Hey Chris, you have a lot of book recommendations. Do you recommend a broker for a beginner investor with a small starter fund?

  4. Hi Chris,
    How about Come Into My Trading Room by Alenander Elder?

  5. Chris,
    I’ve put together what I call the poor man’s stock market investing challenge and wondered if you could twitter it out. The details are here:


  6. Bob Brandt says:

    I cannot read the books on this list. tx

  7. Bob Brandt says:

    Chris, I see no books listed on this post, do I need to set some settings on my browser, Firefox, to be able to see this list. Tx

  8. Bob,

    I am not sure what’s wrong as I posted this entry with Firefox. No complaints from anyone else.

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