Stock Trends for 2017 Final Results

The results are in and the Stock Trends for 2017 outperformed the general market by a wide margin. The discretionary buy-and-hold (mock) portfolio logged final gains that were 48% larger than the Nasdaq, 66% larger than the DJIA and 115% larger than the S&P 500.

Final 2017 Results:

  • Stock Trends for 2017: +41.85%
  • Nasdaq Composite: +28.24%
  • Dow Jones Industrial Average: +25.08%
  • S&P 500 Large Cap Index: +19.42%

Final Results Fun Facts:

  • 20 of the 21 stocks show a gain for a 95% win ratio
  • 18 of the 21 stocks show a double digit gain or 86% of the stocks
  • 14 of the 21 stocks outperformed the three main US indexes
  • 8 of the 21 stocks gained more than 50% for an average of +69.23%
  • 6 of the top 10 gainers started as triple digit stocks (7 ended that way)
  • The top 10 performers had an average gain of +65.00%
  • The average gain of the positive stocks is +44.39%
  • The average gain of the positive stocks, with double digit gains is +49.16%
  • BABA was the top performing stock, with a gain of +96.37%
  • BABA peaked at $191.75 (52-week high), which gave the stock a +118% gain at the time

As 2017 ends, I maintain a bullish outlook on many of these names, heading into 2018 and beyond.

**Note: Adjusted close price adjusted for both dividends and splits.

Stock Trends for 2017 Portfolio:


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