Mastercard (MA) Charging Ahead

Mastercard (MA) looks like it’s heading for $200 and beyond after the recent numbers presented to Wall Street. Some analysts are cutting their ratings but what do they know. Listen to those talking heads and you will go broke. But hey, they’re experts!


I do note this: Don’t expect the rate of growth to continue at this clip so the rise of the stock may slow heading into next year. In addition, many people will be looking forward to the Visa IPO in the future.

Revenues hit a record $1.08 billion in the quarter, while earnings were $2.31 per share, vs. $1.42 a year ago. According to Reuters Estimates, analysts were expecting earnings of just $1.43 per share. Also helping the stock, MasterCard announced a plan to buy back $750 million of its stock.

Below is some of the coverage of MA on the blog (beginning on April 2, 2007 at $107.28)
Closed Thurday at $189.48 for a 77% gain on the blog:

  • Is Mastercard Priceless

    Monday’s Intra-day Price: MA – $107.28
    Bottom Line: MA is rated a buy in my book and I am grabbing shares today.
    *This blog post is not a recommendation to buy this or any other stock. Please do your own due diligence and buy and sell at your own risk!

    4/2/07: “Longer term trend investors can establish a position now at the 50-d moving average or at least start to initiate a position by accumulating shares. Look for a confirmation on a move to the up-side above the trading range I have highlighted in blue on the weekly chart.”

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  • Cash Back from Mastercard and Baidu
  • Daily Screen for Wednesday 9-12-07
  • (MA) – 132.17, Mastercard is correcting and touching the 200-d m.a. for the first time since the line formed. As one of my big winners this year in my own portfolio, I still consider it a watch if it can hold the long term moving average support. Please note that I took down my position in July at precisely the correct point as noted here: Taking Partial Profits



  1. Best way to develop a relationship with a merciful god is to buy a stock trying to go up in an industry (financial services) that’s going down. It’s like trying to walk in the opposite direction to the foot traffic after the ball game.

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