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As promised, the audio version of my Trader Interview with Tim Bourquin is now loaded in the widget below. The interview lasts about 20 minutes covering topics such as how/ when I started trading, the types of fundamental screens I use each night and the four of charts I study for each stock I research.

The interview can also be heard on the Trader Interview website or this direct permalink using Windows media, RealPlayer, mp3 stream or direct link to mp3. My favorite place to listen is on my iTouch using iTunes, by subscribing to the free Trader Interviews podcast.

Enjoy and certainly let me know what you think!

Show notes: Chris Perruna is a part-time trader who holds positions from three to nine months at a time, looking for larger moves in stocks he chooses based on the CANSLIM method from Investor’s Business Daily. Here we talk about the three stock screens he uses each night, why he likes stocks that are about to bounce off their 200-day moving average and why he, even though he is a longer-term trader, will get out of a position the same day if the trade isn’t working out. Chris’ blog can be found at:



  1. Tim Racette says

    Just heard your interview on, I was extremely enthused by your interview. I’m in college and and also a architecture major, while I enjoy architecture, I’ve found over the past few years I have taken a love for trading & investing. Currently I am more of a swing trader, but am developing a longer term strategy using canslim. Is there any direction you could give me for where to being when customizing my CANSLIM screens/criteria etc.

    Thanks so much


  2. Cool interview. Congrats!

  3. Steven Mac says

    Hey Chris,

    Really enjoyed the interview. If you wouldn’t mind, I have always been curious as to your “routine” for the day and how you spend your time from day to day while investing in this market. I think I am looking into some insight as to how you fit in your health, maintaining your relationship with your wife, how much time you spend watching, performing analysis, when you review IBD, etc. Would you be willing to share a breakdown (roughly hour by hour) of your day so some of us can see how you manage to do what you do everyday and what you do. I thought it would be an interesting insight into the man who makes success happen.

    One of my challenges is trying to fit all of this in with a full weeks of work along with my wife and kids – a very delicate balancing act. Just looking for another perspective.

    Have a great day.

  4. bostontennis says

    Hi Chris. I thoroughly enjoyed the interview. Back in Dec. I decided to learn as much as I can about the stock market. Your site and interview are helping me speed up the learning curve, and for that, I thank you.

    I’m similar to Steven Mac above. I have very limited time and would be very interested in breakdown of your routine, if you can share it.

    Also, one question about what software you use to look at charts. I understand you use a custom Daily Graphs scan to find the stocks you want to look at. Do you also use Daily Graphs for your chart viewing, or do you use another product for that. I currently subscribe to Telechart Gold (the 20 min. delayed, non-Real Time version). I subscribe to IBD, but not Daily Graphs and I’m wondering if Daily Graphs is all I need.

    Thanks again !

  5. I am deeply impressed by your website. Nowhere else i have seen such market analysis explanations. Keep up the good work. Happy New Year

  6. Amrish,
    Thank you, I am glad you enjoy the site. Happy New Year.


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