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Today I am posting a list that shows the stocks that are making multiple screens based on my fundamental screens and scans (click the link to understand the criteria in more detail). I run these scans every night and make notes of stocks that are appearing on more than one screen (I have found that these are the strongest stocks in the market and have been using this method for almost eight years).

I do own several of the stocks listed below but I am always ready to jump into new opportunities when the risk/reward warrants the purchase. I keep my personal watch list up to date on a daily and weekly basis so I can make a move when the charts are screaming buy. I also watch my current holdings to look for red flags that help me determine if a stock needs to be sold (yes, I do have predetermined sell points once I reach a 25%+ profit but I do remain active when monitoring my portfolio).

Two of the most important screens that have helped me buy and sell since 2007 have been stocks with:

  • Institutional Sponsorship Increasing
  • Quality Stocks with a new IPO within the past two Years

Stocks making new highs and stocks within 15% of new highs haven’t been my bread-and-butter in 2008 nor have stocks trading along the 200-d moving average. I have explained in the past how I use my screens and scans and how I determine which ones are more relevant during specific markets environments.

Top Rated Stocks according to my Research
*Disclaimer – this is not a buy list!*

  • SOL – 25.08, ReneSola Ltd. , the young stock has moved from $7.36 to a peak of $29.48 in two months with solid institutional accumulation along the way. Any drop with support in the $20 area is an excellent risk/ reward buy.
  • POT – 199.07, Potash Corp. Saskatch Inc., is the superstar of all superstar stocks over the past two years. Shorter term plays can happen on pullbacks to the 50-d m.a.; longer term accumulation can take place at the 30-week moving average. I wrote about the sister stock IPI in April.
  • MA – 308.65, Mastercard made another new all-time high this week as it reached $320 with consumers using the plastic as their home equity loans dry up. I still own the stocks and will continue to hold untila trend snaps.
  • SD – 55.00, Sandridge Energy Inc., made another new all-time high this week and it continues to trend higher on increasing volume. A couple late day reversals to end the week sent up a red flag (minor at this point in time).
  • GTLS – 41.89, Chart Industries Inc. is trading near new all-time high territory as the trend is higher. A move above $43 will trigger a triple top breakout on the point and figure chart (a positive sign if it comes on heavy volume and without a reversal).
  • TITN – 24.30, Titan Machinery Inc. is still making new all-time highs but did run into some selling pressure near the $26 level. The trend is higher and I am holding until told otherwise by the charts.
  • GFA – 44.68, Gafisa has been an enigma in my mind as I figured it would be much higher by now based on fundamental and technical feedback. But, we all know that’s not how the market works – it’s not rational in the way we think it should be. In any event, GFA remains a top rated stock on multiple screens I run every night.
  • V – 86.36, Visa is closing in on a new all-time high after the recent dip from last week which did present an excellent buying opportunity or additional accumulation area. I am a holder and will look to add on opportunities such as last week as Visa remains the new MA in my portfolio eyes. Again, the market must tell me otherwise before I consider selling.
  • HES – 122.81, Hess Corp. has been on a tear but is now extended from the major moving averages. Ideal accumulation areas along the present themselves on pullbacks to the 50-d m.a. and/ or 200-d m.a.
  • LL – 15.88, Lumber Liquidators, the recent up-trending chart is nice to look at but I am skeptical about its market. It sells hardwood flooring and we all know the construction industry is taking a black eye in the media and sheep follow the media (their decisions are based on what they see and hear). Regardless, the stock showed up on multiple screens once again so I can’t ignore it because of my biases.

Other High Rated Stocks in my System:


  1. we were thinking about GTLS on the dip….nice post!

  2. Hi Chris,

    I found your site about a month ago and have been a frequent visitor since then. I personally admire your work a lot and trying to learn from the articles you have published in the past.

    I am also running the scans and trying to maintain the past history (about 10 days), number of occurrence for symbols in last 10 days. I also have a script that finds the common symbols appearing in multiple screens for a day. Please let me know if you are willing to provide some feedback. I would be more then happy to share the information with you.


  3. When you say a screen has not been your “bread and butter” does that mean the results haven’t been working? or you havent chosen to use it based on your assessment of the market?

    Your explanation of when to use some screens includes picking that spot when “the next bull market is just starting to develop”. Be sure to post that when it happens!

    Meanwhile, have you used the screeners at If so, Im interested in your opinion.

    Thanks for the useful info you post.

  4. what is you take on Microvision (MVIS)?

  5. Market Speculator says

    I find it interesting when AP released news that Obama had the Dem nomination the stock market TANKED!

    Can’t wait for my cap gains and income taxes to be be raised.

    Ag stocks on the move…oil then ag, oil then ag, oil then ag…same ole story!

  6. Chris,
    You have a great site over – I have to get it on my blogroll. I am slow at times with that stuff.

  7. JM,
    Where are you running your screens? Is this a web based database that runs the script of computer based with something as simple as excel? I’d be interested to talk further.

  8. D,
    The screen is not my “bread and butter” because the number of successful trading candidates it produces on a nightly basis have shrunk considerably since the first half of 2007 and before.

    I do use somewhat of a discretionary pulse when making the determination but they speak for themselves for the most part.

    I haven’t used but I will check it out.

  9. Andrey,
    I am not interested in MVIS at this time based on charts alone – I will admit that I didn’t take a look at the fundamentals. However, it may have some short term life; it’s just not the type of trend(er) I am looking for right now.

  10. Market Spec,
    Interesting stuff, huh. I may be a bit of a contrarian here as I could be seeing a possible short to mid term top in oil. I know others have pointed this out but my screens are starting to show some signs as well (individual stocks giving hints).

    A good buddy of mine via the blog suggested put options in oil a few weeks back (close to the recent top). Nice call by Ty. He published his views on his Facebook account and I agreed. Too bad I never wrote about his call because I thought it would be a solid post.

  11. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for your response. I am using the dailygraphs for getting the data, pretty much similar screen as yours with little or no modification.

    I recently started investing in stocks and trying to come up with a system that can give me the stocks for daily technical analysis. I use the output of daily graphs screens and put them in a text file (only ve price/volume increase). There are 2 things I am doing, one for a screen I can keep the history for 10 days in simple text files(configurable) and run the scripts(UNIX bash scripts, running on cygwin, windows), that outputs an excel spreadsheet. The excel spreadsheet has symbol, number of occurrence, filename. Using this I can take a look at the symbols which appear 2 or more times in last few days. For example

    BTE 2 ;;
    COG 2 ;;
    CRK 2 ;;
    SYNT 2 ;;

    Also I have a similar script that creates a spreadsheet for number of occurrence across the screens. Say you have 5 screens which you run daily and want to find which symbol appears in 2 or more screens. For this I am not maintaining the history, not sure if that will be useful.

    The goal is to automate as much as possible except technical analysis. I am trying to find which combination will give the best results, with the little experience I have in stock market. I am not sure if you already have such system in place, these scripts can be made more sophisticated. Please drop me an email, I can send you the samples of the spreadsheets.


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