The Blog is Growing!

Page views and visits were up by more than 30% for the best month ever for Thank you – I really do appreciate every single reader of this blog and especially readers that leave their excellent comments!

I end each month by taking a step back and looking at the tremendous progress that this blog is making with visits and page views. My goal is to become one of the best stock market blogs offering quality and unbiased equity research along with the education to help you succeed.


Starting this month, I will be adding a feature called:
Daily Screens, something I produced for my equity research firm for several years. These daily screens will locate stocks making strong moves during the trading week with the types of characteristics that we search out nightly.

Any stock can be purchased from the daily screen after its debut but my strategy is to research these stocks further and allow them to prove their strength by watching them form patterns and entry opportunities based on specific risk-to-reward setups. All stocks making a daily screen must pass specific fundamental and technical criteria which will be explained in each post. Some general market analysis on the major market indexes may be given during daily screens along with major emphasis on the strongest industries and sectors of the day. will now be taking the next step towards becoming the best equity research blog (and website) on the web. MSW was a success and a profitable site (to me and users) but only 700 or so people ever had the luxury of following my work (from 2005 to 2007). With page views in a respectable area, I now feel it is worth my time to reproduce the actual research I use when making my buy and sell decisions here on this free blog. You will also know first hand where and when I find specific stocks for case studies (something I have been doing on the blog for years).

Not every stock will have a chart on the blog but many if not all of them will be highlighted on my real time annotated stockcharts page through this link: stock charts link

Feel free to visit my public stock charts list and definitely vote for it if you enjoy the work I am doing. The link is always posted on the right side bar of this blog. I don’t get anything for the vote except a smile for work well done!


  1. Congratulations on the impressive growth of the site. The chart of the website’s growth is very telling, consistent growth. I have found the site to be very useful and have made it a favorite of mine and will continue to visit often.

  2. heck yea Chris! Congrats man 😛

  3. Daily Screens? Yes! the Daily and Weekly screens were hands down one of my favorite features on MSW!

    Congrats on the blog growth Chris, but its no secret you do provide some great stock coverage for your readers!

  4. Hey Guys,
    Thanks for the support!

    Blain, I know you have a great thing going over at Stock Trading to Go.

    Aaron, I look forward to taking a closer look at your site now that the holiday and summer is over.

    Ty, I promise I will get to the spreadsheet you sent me in late August (now that the Holiday has passed).


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